Thursday, May 21, 2009

Occasionally Funny

You may be familiar with *The Chive, a website that proclaims itself to be "the world's largest photo blog," which may or may not be true. Basically, they post batches of random photos throughout the day, and it's a great way to waste time while at work or procrastinating or whatever. Lately I've added The Chive to my daily blogs to check, although honestly it's a guilty pleasure.
Here's the thing: I don't really "get" what The Chive is going for with their site. I usually find one or two photos a day that I think are pretty awesome, and five more that I find really offensive (I'm also offended by the amount of repeat photos). And this is ME, so you know if I'm offended that shit is straight up foul. Each day they have an ad post, which includes a photo of a generically hot girl in lingerie and links to FHM and or some such nonsense. And they also do posts have titles like "Drunk Hotties on Facebook" or "Hot Girls in Underwear (Deal With It)." They clearly know that this is kind of offensive and doesn't really relate to their daily posts of "randomness," but they do it anyway. It has a very two-guys-in-their-mom's-garage feel to it.
Whatever. It's mildly entertaining and you can check it out. For some reason I can't stop looking at it every day.

*The Chive has nothing to do with The Onion. I checked.

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