Friday, January 18, 2008

Conversations with a 7 Year Old

Tonight I hung out with a very serious, yet very easygoing seven year old. I'll call him B. We had some very interesting dialogues, one of which was a debate on the best way to fight a shark (he said you stab it in the mouth, I obviously said to punch it in the nose). This, though, was one of the best conversations I have had ... ever.

B puts some music on the stereo
B: Have you heard this band?
S: The Beatles??
B: Yeah.
S: Um, yeah, I have.
B: Yeah, I listen to them a lot. Because they're from where I'm from.
S: England?
B:Liverpool. Did you know the Beatles are from Liverpool?
S: Yeah.
B: They're pretty popular.
S: Even in America!

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