Friday, August 1, 2008

Breaking Dawn. Enough Said.

When the delightful Mama T was a wee lass, she used to get so excited about her family's trips to Disney Land that she would actually make herself sick before the trip. She would get excitement-induced headaches, you guys. I'm pretty sure this is a trait I inherited, because when something exciting is about to happen I get stomachaches, insomnia, and sometimes I can't even produce coherent sentences.

This is how I have been feeling waiting for the release of Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final book in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga. My bro from another ho, Sadie, and I have been planning our costumes for the midnight release party for about a month. We've come up with some pretty awesome ideas, but I think we've settled on the perfect one for tonight. More info on that later. Here is a list of the rejected, but still awesome, ideas (oh, and if you haven't read these amazing books, this list will not be as remotely hilarious as if you have. You can still read though, because we're hilarious either way!)

* The requisite blue prom dress and boot (I personally think we are SO above this.)
* Wearing nude bodysuits with fake beard pieces glued to them, and cutoffs belted around our legs (The sparse fur meaning that we were so excited about the release that we couldn't even phase completely before we got to the bookstore.)

* Sitting in a wheeling office chair, with no other signs of costumery, and saying that you are Billy Black. Bonus points for insisting that you tell time by the phases of the moon.

* Acting like a total bitch to everyone and brushing it off by saying that you're just being Jessica

* Use fake blood and really gruesome makeup on one side of our faces and go as Emily (Basically dress like Two-Face from the Dark Knight AKA way over the top)
All these ideas are kickass, but the one we're going with, at least in my mind, is simple yet inspired, and really shows what crazed fans we are. Definitely better than showing up in a "Team Edward" shirt. Pictures to come after the party!!

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