Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dog Days

I'm getting a dog in the next month/few months! Yay! I've wanted a dog my entire life and the fact that I've never had one has, in the past, caused me actual physical pain. Kids and dogs, man. It's an obsession.  So I've decided on getting a Boston Terrier, which is my favorite dog flavor. Look at this post from over a year ago where I mention that a Boston is all I need to get by!

A boston is perfect for my lifestyle and all that, plus they're so frakking cute:
ACK! Adorable attack!!! I've found a cute boston in a neighboring town's shelter, but I'm going to be traveling for the holidays, so I don't want to bring a pup home until I'm going to be here for a considerable amount of time. How shitty would it be to have a person swoop you out of yucky shelter life and give you a nice home, only to board you in a pseudo-shelter a few weeks later?! This is what I'm trying to avoid. Becasue I'm responsible!

But the waiting may eventually make my brain explode. I've been longing for this dog for years, and now that I know it's so close I cannot possibly wait another second. I'm a notoriously impatient person. I have actually started shaking sheerly out of impatience-related anxiety.

I can totally picture my visits with family for the holidays (the traveling mentioned above): Everyone will be laughing and drinking and opening presents and I'll be sitting alone at a table tapping my fingers and muttering, "Come ON, let's GO" under my breath.  I'll do my best to hide it, because I'm a lady, but that's what will be happening in my head.
 Unless I go to Disneyland, which is second in line after a dog under my "Things I Will Die Without" list. Clearly, I'm seven.

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