Tuesday, December 9, 2008

FYI: There Is a God

I was sure that I had mentioned my love for How I Met Your Mother previously, but a search of the ol' archives shows that I have not. WELL! I shall change that immediately.

You guys, this show is so good. Honestly, I laugh out loud at only two shows currently on television: One is 30 Rock, the other is HIMYM. That's right, you damn hipsters - even though HIMYM is on CBS (the offical network of geriatrics and procedural crime dramas), and it doesn't get much coverage in the media, and it also gets sandbagged with shitty guest stars (Brit Brit, Enrique Iglesias...), even through all that, THIS SHOW IS HILARIOUS AND ADORABLE.

Anyway, let's get to the meat in this sandwich. I started re-watching season 1 last night and was finally confronted with something that's been bugging me for months. The crisis I am speaking of is Jason Segel's (Marshall's) hair.  He is so cute and endearing, I just want to kiss him. Jason Segel is heartwarming himself (mainly because of his association with the new Muppet movie), but I'm more drawn to Marshall, his character on the show. Here's how Jason/Marshall looked in season 1:
All together now: Awww. But for some reason he decided to mar season 4 with this terrible mess:
I couldn't find a picture that was up-close enough, so I stole this one from the Fug Girls. The point is: EWWWWWW.  The hair has just gotten worse as the season has progressed. BUT! This Monday, salvation was found. Cute Marshall is back!
Even Lily is like, "Damn, gurl I'm glad you fixed that hair 'cuz you looked SKANKY." And she would know. Alyson Hannigan/Lily has never looked better than she has lately:
I'm just gonna go ahead and say it. Best. Hair. Ever. And Jason/Marshall gets an honorable mention as most improved. Just because I'm generous.

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