Friday, January 23, 2009

Craig's List Strikes Again

I was so excited about my new Craig's List feature, but then I discovered that there is an entire BLOG devoted to insano Craig's List postings! From the guy who created Craig's List!! What the shit, man?!

He doesn't criticize the sheer craziness that his site is home to, though, so I'm still fulfilling that need through my posts. (YOU'RE WELCOME.) Let's get started, shall we?

Found under "Free" :

Succulent Plant (lower haight)
I have a beautiful succulent plant who used to be very happy but is now sad. It is sad because it just doesn't get enough sunlight anymore. So it is time for the plant to move along and find a new home with lots of good sunlight. There are actually two different plants sharing this pot. One is a burrito plant and one is I believe some species of dudleya that flowers. They were both once so happy, and I want them to be happy again. If you will give them a good home with lots of sunshine, I will give them to you.
My Take: Above is the actual picture included with the listing. Yes, it is sad. It's also sad that this poster confused being a crazy plant lady with being a crazy cat lady.

Nice banana chair (poulsbo)
Great shape...used by kids when they were kids

My Take: By "great shape," they must mean the shape of a banana. Which, admittedly, is great. But why no picture?! I NEED a picture.

Bee Hive for the Taking (Pahrump)
I have a large bee hive outside my back door. They have nested in a concrete
septic tank access area. I don't want to destroy them, but they can be annoying when they swarm in warmer weather. They also attack unknowing nosy pets. I would like to harvest the honey, but don't know how to properly go about it, if interested please contact...... 

My Take: They make it sound SO appealing.

Found under "Pets" (another goldmine):

People are looking for free and low cost pets for pit bull bait and for eating. You need to think twice and consider a rescue or shelter where these people have to pay fees to adopt. You know its bad when the shelter is a better option.

My Take: In all honesty, I do go to Craig's List to get my dog meat. Everyone loves taco night!

Piranhas (NYC-BK)
Well this is what im looking for anyone has them let me know looking for some nice size ones;not to small at least 5' inches or bigger
thanks cris 

My Take: Loving how Cris has embraced the crazy: "Well, this is what I'm looking for... ACCEPT IT."

On to my reason for living: Missed Connections!

To My Enigma Machine - w4m (Bletchley Park)

Finally is as good a time as any. Whenever you're ready... 

My Take: "Finally is as good a time as any"(??!!)

i smiled at you with my eyes - w4m - 28 (from brooklyn to manhattan)
daily, i take subways and walk around this city making eyes at gorgeous men who are currently strangers to me. so often i wonder if i will ever have an actual conversation with any of these people. this morning, in fact, i engaged in a brief eye-flirt with a fella on the D making his way uptown a little after 10am. the glances we exchanged were enough to make me wonder if, perhaps, he is still thinking about my gaze and curious about my story. clearly my thoughts are still running in his direction.

My Take: See what you've done, Sex and the City??!! DO YOU SEE??!!

Morphine and Methadone... - m4w (northside)
Not a great topic for people you don't know...sorry I destroyed the night. 


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