Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Greatest American Hero

Today marks Hero's one week aniversary of being my dog. We've been though a lot, and I thought I'd take some time to share a few of Hero's milestones, personality traits, and of course some pictures.
If I were to describe Hero in one word, I'd say curious. If I had another I'd say licky. He will literally lick anything and everything. He licks my toes, the door jamb, his toys, and the retaining blocks in my yard. When he's afraid or apprehensive of something, he'll stand away from it while sticking his tongue out like a snake, as if his tongue will discern whether or not this new discovery is dangerous or not. One of my favorite games is to hold him away from me and watch him try to reach out to me with his tongue. One time my depth perception was a little off and he ended up tongue kissing me a little bit. We pretend that didn't happen to preserve our relationship as friends, but it was still weird.
He's also super smart, Hero. He inherently knew how to play fetch. I can't even remember how I found this out, but now it is his absolute favorite thing to do. His two passions (after licking) are fetching and lying in laps. He combines these three loves as such:

1. Human throws toy. Favorites are "Lamb-Man" (seen above) and "Bear"
2. Hero runs (so fast that he often slips on the wood floors) and retrieves the toy
3. Hero brings toy back to human at lightning speed, and leaps into the lap of the human
4. Hero cuddles up in the lap of the human, alternating between chewing the toy and licking/chewing the human.
5. When the human gets a hold of the toy again, they throw it and the cycle starts again
6. This goes on for what seems like hours until Hero eventually stops fetching and tries to trick the human into letting him take a snooze in their lap.

A few other facts about Hero:
He fakes peeing. Most likely this is because he hates being outside in the cold. He tried to fake poop once, but figured out quickly that the lack of solid (ha!) evidence was obvious.

Hero loves to be in laps. He would take every nap in my lap if I weren't so strict about him sleeping in his bed. I do love a good cuddle, though, and sometimes he gets to nap next to me. Or sprawled on me, as this picture shows:
Hero will also ignore every noise, if he's sleepy enough, except opera. An aria came on my iTunes and Hero was jolted awake as if he had heard the voice of God commanding his attention. He sleeps though all other music, movies, and voices. I plan on doing more experiments in this area.

I can't come up with too many hilarious anecdotes, probably because I have a cold, am exhausted, and spend all my time watching Hero to make sure he doesn't pee all over the place. I swear, when he can come to me and signal that he needs to go out and take a shit, I'm going to consider believing in Jesus.
 I'll write more later when I have the mental capacity, pinky swear. Until then, Hero's lookbook is available at my flickr page.

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