Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Slanket Of His Own

Hero loves to tuck me in bed. Oh wait, that's a lie. What Hero actually loves to do is jump on my bed, take a corner of the Slanket in his mouth, and then tug said corner from the foot of the bed up to my chest, where he will plop down with far more weight than his 14 pounds and chew the Slank to death. I call it "tucking in" because it makes him seem like less of a bastard, which he is. Less, I mean. He's really very sweet. When he's sleeping. I'm keeeeeding! (Kind of.)

So, knowing how much Hero adores the Slanket (and really, who can resist it?), I picked him up a Slankie substitute last week at Ikea. It doesn't have sleeves, and it's not exactly the same amazing fleece microfiber, but I figure in a 5 month old puppy's eyes, they're exactly the same.

Hero immediately fell in love with his new blanket. He carries it around with his nose stretched up in the air so that it won't touch the ground and make him trip over it - it's completely adorable. He'll even let me roll him up in it and carry him like a baby. Okay, he only let's me do that for about four seconds, but STILL. This blanket is, as I say about all beloved things, his Roger*.

The other day I came home and Hero had made a little nest wtih his blankie and all his toys in his crate. I took about 40 pictures, but these are the best.
First he was all, "Rub my soft belly. No, do it so that I can lick your hand at the same time. Here, I'll look at you all sweet-like so that you'll think it was your idea."
And then he got up and gave me his best, "Bitch, please" look. I should have known not to disturb his private time with La Blankie.

I left Hero and his new love alone for awhile, and when I came back I found this:
The sight of Hero under a blanket, periodically wiggling/snoring/farting made me laugh so hard I almost fell over. How he manages to make such weird little nests is beyond me, but I'm very glad I was able to provide for my little crimefighter.

*This comes from my own comfort object/life force, a Roger Rabbit doll I got when I was about two.Also, mine looks nothing like the pictures after the link above, but I have been told that he did before I dragged him through some of Seattle's fiercest mud puddles.

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heartpinksky said...

Seriously? He's just too cute. I refuse to accept anything is that cute if it's not mine. I waaant!