Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Cartoon Dog Strikes Again

Hero is a fucking mess. Adorable and cuddly and sweet as all get out, but he's really just a mess in a cute fur suit.

Puppies have to go to the vet a lot in the beginning of their lives. They need about a krillion shots and then they get the ol' snip snip (as Mama T calls it), and then they don't have to go back until they're a year old for a check up and some booster shots. Hero has been to the vet like 14 times.

First he ate some paint off the wall in my pre-WWII house, so I had to take him in to make sure he didn't have lead poisoning. Then he scratched all the hair off his ear and I had to take him in for a mite test (that's when he had DEMON X, which he is recovering from quite nicely). Now it's a cyst on his toe that is either a) A benign tumor that will go away on it's own, or b) A malignant tumor that will either b1) Kill him, or b2) Cause his affected toe to have to be AMPUTATED. The cell sample had to be sent to the university vet school to be examined because apparently when the vet looked at the cells they looked exactly the same and it was a 50/50 shot either way. WHAT.
This shit only happens to me, I'm telling you. But in all seriousness, pray for my dog. And while you're at it, ask for him to stop being such a mess. It takes away from our cuddling time.

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heartpinksky said...

Heeeerooooooo! Nooooooooooo! Every time the clock is something like 11:11 or 3:33 that's what I'll wish for.