Monday, October 19, 2009

He's Not Stupid, Just Broken.

I haven't written much about Hero's obedience class shenanigans, because honestly I was too embarrassed. This past Tuesday was week three, and Hero only just learned how to sit. We're even further behind the rest of the class than you're probably imagining. See, apparently the pups were supposed to know how to sit BEFORE coming to class. What the what?! I had months between signing Hero up for school and actually taking him to class in which I could have taught him to sit, but I figured they'd teach us that IN THE CLASS. Come to find on the first night of pup school that ALL the other dogs know how to sit. All except little Herocious, the class idiot.

Each week when the other doggeroos are learning how to "down" or "heel," I'm sitting in the corner attempting to get Hero to do what his classmates have been doing forever. I barely even know what is happening in the actual class, because since all the other commands build on a basic "sit," Hero can't do them.

BUT, now things have changed. That's right, my baby dog can SIT. And odelally, CAN HE. Somehow something clicked in his little doggie brain and now he sits so diligently that just getting a treat out of the cupboard makes his butt smack on the floor like a magnet to a metal plate in your head. He's only been sitting on command since Tuesday, but he's so good at it we're already branching out into "sit, stay" territory.
Sadly, there is a part of this story that begins with, "Sadly..." Little Hero may have been on the short bus to SitTown because of a problem with his left knee. He has a luxating patella, which means that his kneecap slides around and can't properly fit in his little kneecap-holder.

It's so sad too, because when his knee is out of place and he sits, his little leg sticks out to the side. And when he's walking and his kneecap pops out he has to limp around until it gets readjusted. AND he won't fetch. AND he can't hop up on the couch or bed for some cuddles.

But I'm getting him all fixed up as soon as I can,


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