Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's Not Hooking. It's Working.

I've discovered many interesting, weird stuff through Netflix, and ever since they introduced Instant Watch to macs, I've been finding even more. My latest fixation is an Australian show called Satisfaction, which follows the lives of six women who work in a brothel. It's distributed by Showtime Australia, which I assume is related to the Showtime of America, but I'm not really sure. It's not entirely sex, sex, sex, although there is sex and it's definitely a pay-cable type show. It's classic Showtime fare, where there is a ridiculous premise like a weed dealing mom or an oddly moral serial killer, but that is only a surface detail, and the show is really about the people and lives intertwined in said ridiculous premise.

The best part of the show is how adamant the women are about what it is exactly that they do. They are not prostitutes, they are not hookers. They are sex workers! Seriously, there is a moment in each episode where one of the women looks at someone, with emotions ranging from exasperation to complacence, and says, "I'm a sex worker." But they're Australian so it's more like, "Aim a six whurka." It's the new "Sookeh!"

Here's a trailer for the show, where you get TWO chances to hear my new favorite phrase:

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