Friday, June 4, 2010

Or a Waiter

I watched the movie Daybreakers a week or so ago. If you're not familiar, it's a film made by some Australian brothers about a global outbreak of vampirism that leaves the human race almost extinct. If you're interested in movies about dystopias or just weird shit, you should check it out. Spoiler alert: There are many, many instances of bodies blowing up and spewing blood and guts all over the place. Some people find exploding bodies disturbing, but what always makes me uncomfortable is when movies and TV shows show scenes where an entire room is covered in blood and mangled bodies, and the characters don't make any indication of the fact that it must smell awful. If I were in a room full of dismembered bodies I'd at least wrinkle my nose, if not start tearing up from the stankiness.

The other thing that distracted me during Daybreakers was Ethan Hawke's wardrobe. Mainly the fact that for the last third of the movie he's dressed as Han Solo. Can I get a side by side?
Look, if you wear a white shirt, black vest, and charge into rooms of weird creatures wielding a gun, you're gonna look like Han Solo. Maybe it was intentional, but it was definitely a distraction.

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