Thursday, April 21, 2011

Things I Scream For (4)

Last night I saw Scream 4 (Or Scre4m, as some are choosing to market it). I have to say, it was pretty good. I'd give it a B+. Entertainment Weekly gave it a B-, but I think I liked it better because I love teenager stuff and so does (screenwriter) Kevin Williamson, and that brings us together in a special bond. I'd upgrade it to an A- if the ending were less implausible. To have a plot-holey ending in a movie that's based on, and enjoyable because of, an implausible premise is just kind of lazy. But no spoilers here, because Scream 4 is still good enough that you should see it. But first, let me tell you (without spoilers!) what I took away from the movie.

1. I'm a devoted fan of all things Culkin. (Anecdote: I had a friend who looked just like a Culkin, but with a lazy eye, and one night I drunkenly told him that I was originally friends with him just because of my Culkin obsession. He was cool with it.) Rory Culkin is in Scream 4 and I could not be more delighted. The movie could have looked like total bullshit and I would have seen it just for him. I would watch a Culkin do algebra.
2. Hayden Panettiere has quite a few costume changes. I'd say at least 4, maybe as many as 8. ALL of them include shrunken blazers, and I think maybe one shrunken leather jacket. Maybe her character had the same wardrobe budget as Ghostface. Get it? Because they both wear the same thing the whole movie?! HAR HAR.

3. In traditional Scream fashion, the first scene is fantastic.

4. Think of an actor. They are in this film. Well, pretty much.

5. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Allison Brie wears a coat that is practically the same coat Kate Winslet wears at the end of Titanic. I mentioned it about three times to my friend Emily, who was sitting next to me, tolerating my jibber jabber. But she agreed.
Not the best side by side, I admit. But it was really hard to 
find decent pictures, so just believe me on this one. 

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