Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gotta G-g-g-get That That That

It's hot. It's so hot that I think I may have caused water damage to my phone by holding it in my hand while walking outside. Because of the sweatiness. Because I am a sweatmonster.

I've managed to make my bedroom a tolerable temperature by blasting the A/C and running both a ceiling fan and a table fan. The table fan is sitting on my desk, blowing across the room to circulate some air, but I've started sitting at my desk (less than a foot away from the fan) and letting it bombard my face with icy coolness until my eyes dry out.  Desperate times, you guys, desperate times.

So I'm relatively cool and comfortable, but I can't hear a fucking thing because this fan is louder than anything. Make a "Shhhhhh" noise as loud as you can. Now imagine it twice as loud. See, you may be doing what I ask, but I can't hear you because OH MY GOD THIS FAN. Also because you and I are in completely different places, but I consider that irrelevant.

Everybody knows the best thing to do when the outside is like the surface of the sun (covered in lava and then set on fire) is watch movies and TV on your laptop. But with that damned fan running how can you or I hear any sound coming from your tiny laptop speakers? We can't. And that's why we need Boom.
Boom is an app available for Macs that significantly improves your computer's sound volume and quality. I downloaded the weeklong trial, but I bought the full app after only one day of using it - it was that great. The price seems to fluctuate (the listed regular price is $8.99, when I look at the site now it's $6.99, and I bought it a few weeks ago for $4.99), but at any price it's worth it. I initially bought the app so I could watch volume-challenged videos without needing to wear headphones, but now I run the app constantly. You can customize the settings, but I'm not too savvy or particular about my sound (I just want to hear it). If you want the app to be louder for music than movies, or whatever, you can set that up pretty easily.

PS: I have no ulterior motive for convincing you to buy Boom. It has exponentially improved my quality of life  and I want to tell everyone about it. That's not to say that I would turn down any compensation for my glowing review, I'm just not getting money or a Boom USB drive and a set of Boom golfballs.

PPS: I'd also like to add that I found out about this amazing app from the Tumblr Netflix Movies That Don't Suck, which is a great resource when you're looking for a non-shitty movie to stream.

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