Monday, July 23, 2007

Doncha McLeod

The McLeod Residence is this great art gallery/interactive arts center in Seattle's Belltown. For just $75 a year artists can be sure to always have a place to exhibit their art (it appears you have to rent the space, but at least they only judge you by how deep your wallet is, and not on the quality of your work!) Basically, the "McLeods" bought an actual house in Belltown and made each room like a mini-gallery. The exhibit I think is the most exciting and interactive for those not in Seattle is in the foyer. In this exhibit there is a "photobooth" in which the pictures taken of the foyer and the people in it are directly uploaded to the McLeod's Flickr page. I have spent numerous hours looking at these photos. Some people get really creative with them, and others just grin with their friends. Either way, I think this is a genius idea, and I hope the McLeod's don't take it down. I know that when I head back to the homeland I'm adding the McLeod residence to my to-do list. Plus, you can throw a private party there for only $150!

Here are a few examples of images from the photobooth:

this guy^ is like a poor man's Brandon Flowers, no?


Saran Gennis said...

I thought that guy was my dad.

donchabongo said...

I did too. He looks like he's about to take a poll...