Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Bear in a Bee Costume

Last night was loooong and today I needed to work on a project for school like, ALL day, so tonight consisted of me getting into my 'jammies and catching up on Netflix.

I watched Broken English, which I hadn't really heard about, but good ol' Netflix recommended it and I thought, "what the hell, I'll watch it!"

First of all, it is my new favorite movie. Like any other pseudo-indie gal, I'm a little in love with Parker Posey, but in this movie I totally, completely identified with her character. It was like watching certain moments of my life re-enacted. The creepiest thing though: Her clothes? MY CLOTHES.

It was like looking in a fucking mirror. But a mirror that got to have an adorable French lover and follow him to Paris. I've made previous mention of how I dress like a crazy person at times (and I'm sure there was a little bit of Parker Posey-craziness infused in the wardrobe of her character) but she made me feel like a cute dresser nonetheless. I mean, if they dressed a fairly normal character in your clothes in a movie, you've got to be getting along okay, right?
I wore this outfit yesterday. When I went shopping with Gena Rowlands.
I lied about that last part.This is literally how I dress every day. To the point where this scene made me a little uncomf.This is when I started checking my closet to see if I had been robbed.

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