Friday, October 12, 2007

Sea MonStars

It was daddy-daughter movie night a little while ago, and it was, as fully expected, ridiculous.

Firstly: I do not do things with my dad. Ever. We don't go to dinner or movies or, uh, talk to each other. That said, when he wants to spend time with me, he usually finds some blatant way to bribe me with the few things he knows I'm interested in. This time it was my love of the prehistoric/oceans.

We went to see Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure. It's a 3D Imax movie, but we just saw it in a regular theater with some pretty pimp 3D glasses.

So the glasses we get to wear aren't the 3D glasses of my childhood. No cardboard one eye red/one eye blue business here. They were straight up Ira Glass glasses.They cost $1.50 each, but I think it was totally worth it. I'm planning on wearing them many more times, and not just when I go see 3D Imax movies. (Like I do that on a reg basis anyway.)

We went on Sunday night at around 8. There were very few people in the building at all, so I wasn't really expecting there to be many people in the theater. There were NO other people in the theater but the pops and me.

The Dad and I sit down in two of the many available seats and he asks me to go get him a drink. "I would go," he explains "but I'm just so parched ... and tired." So I go out to the concession stand and put it on his credit card. After all, I'm not the one who asked him to the movies.

When I get back with the largest Sprite I've ever seen, my dad starts telling me about how he can't see things in 3D when he's wearing 3D classes (then why are we here, I think to myself), but then he explains that there's always this eventual moment where he goes "ah!" and it sort of snaps into focus.

The movie starts and about 4.3 seconds in he says, "There it is!"

Which I guess is good because otherwise effects like this would have been lost on him:The best thing about Imax movies is that they're never longer than 40 minutes. I did like the movie, but I was kind of predisposed to that. I'm just kind of pissed that my date didn't buy me dinner. I'll eat with anyone if it's free.

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