Monday, November 5, 2007


As mentioned previously, I was recently involved in a pretty serious car accident. To make matters worse, there were conflicting stories and the po po had to watch a videotape taken on a bus's onboard security camera to know what really happened. We just found out that there was no questioning the fact that this douche ran a SOLID red light and was all up in my space, causing me to barrel into him.

Oh, and it totaled my car.

I think cars are so stupid as a concept. They cost exorbitant amounts of money and the second you drive them off the lot they start decreasing in value. Basically, cars are the worst investments EVER. I'd rather have stock in Enron.

Despite my hatred for cars/love for my bike, I've needed to start looking into buying a replacement for my dearly departed vehicle. I'm a student, and I'm stingy, and I think cars are 'tarded, so I'm kind of the worst person to be doing this research. Despite all these facts, I have fallen in love:
How fucking adorable, right? Plus, it gets like 40mpg, which will ease my liberal guilt, and the color "flint mica" is so unbearably sexy I can barely stand it. The best part? It only costs like 13 grand. For a brand new car!

This is incredibly exciting to me because I have only ever driven deathtrap cars from the early 90s. The thought of having a car that meets the safety standards of this century? Fucking irresistible.

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