Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lash Blast-Off

Today I was at one of my favorite stores - Walgreen's - and found myself in need of mascara. I'm a mascara junkie to the point where if I'm not wearing mascara I think I look undead. It's actually kind of funny, considering I don't brush my hair and refuse to use even tinted lipgloss. Anyway! I bought CoverGirl Last Blast, which is apparently awesome. I haven't used it yet, but I took it out of the packaging and came to a startling realization.

Here's how the 'scara looks when you buy it:But then you take off the cap on the actual mascara part and add the brush to create what will be sitting in your medicine cabinet or whatever:Is it just me or does that TOTALLY look like a vibrator? Like the pocket ones that are supposedly "discreet" but everyone knows what it is unless you came to this century on a time machine from 1867. (That just made me think of that movie Kate & Leopold - which was totally random but actually kind of enjoyable in the right context.)

I'm obviously getting very distracted because now I'm thinking the mascara/vibe duo is an amazing idea. Like, you're at some bo-rang party - you slip away to the ladies' lounge for a little "me time" and afterwards you will need to spruce up a bit. You'll clearly have no need for blush (you've got quite a flush going) and you just need to dab your brow with a paper towel and ... oh WAIT you could use a little brightening in the eye-area. Just whip out ol' faithful again, but this time for something refreshing in a completely different way, because it's ALSO MASCARA.

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