Friday, November 9, 2007

Talking Union

The WGA strike is really busting my balls. I'm already distraught over it, and it's not like I need another reason to wish Ben Silverman was on a skewer, but now I come to find that there is only ONE more episode of The Office to be shown until the strike is over! One!

The situation with The Office and how it relates to me is twofold: As a viewer, I miss my beloved Dwangela, but also, up until about a year ago, I wanted to be a TV writer when "I grew up," probably for a show like The Office. Those schmos with picket signs are like, my future kinsfolk.

Okay actually there's another reason this strike is going to fuck up my entire life and make me put a hit on Ben Silverman (Seriously, I blame him for everything. Including my endometriosis.) That reason is Mindy Kaling and her blog "Things I've Bought That I Love."First of all, when you read the blog you come to realize that the character of Kelly is just an exaggerated caricature of Mindy Kaling, which I think is genius. Also, if you read this blog and Mindy's blog, you will come to realize that if MK and I ever met and chatted, what would result would be the most high pitched, ohmigod laden conversation to ever occur. Part of the reason why I'm so in love with her is that I'm so in love with myself.

Anyway! Mizz Kaling's blog is, obvs, about stuff she buys, but the genius is in her explanation. I'munna take it straight from the source:

"I don't have kids or a mortgage yet. I do however have an fairly lucrative job playing a seldom-seen tertiary character on a network television program. The point is, I have oodles of disposable income to throw around until I need to start behaving like a grown person. "

In other words, she's like a fucking kid in a candy store. BUT! What will happen if the writer's strike continues? Where will Mindy get money to buy cashmere underwear, and then write about it so that I can live vicariously through her? After like, labor rights and other stuff Pete Seeger songs are about, this is the thing that most upsets me about this FUCKING NONSENSE.

Also: I just heard that Ben Silverman has a cure for AIDS but he's keeping it locked in the Ark of The Covenant in his mom's basement.

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