Friday, November 2, 2007

Remeber the Time

One of my great pleasures in life is when I'm doing something boring like walking or pretending to listen to someone tell a story, and I suddenly remember something that is so fucking funny that I actually laugh out loud. This is also convenient if the boring story I'm pretending to listen to is "funny" and I can pretend I've been listening raptly the whole time. It's not so great if it's a story about a beloved dead gerbil or some such whatever.

One of my favorite crack-my-shit-up memories is of when my friend Sadie texted me a reply to something I said with, "Fuck that slobbery dyke." I had it saved on my phone for months before I finally got a new phone and I couldn't figure out how to transfer the text over. Yes, I actually looked into transferring a text to my new phone. It was that funny.

Another moment I love to relive that makes me lose my shit like laxatives are going out of style is this clip from the New Arrested Development AKA 30 Rock:

Did you not just piss your pants? Because I did and I watch this clip like twice
a day.

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