Thursday, November 1, 2007

Loves Mah Bike

I got in a car accident on Tuesday. No one was seriously hurt, so chill out. I'm the one who was hurt the most and I just have a scrape down the side of my forehead and a fucked up car. PLUS, there's this drama with a videotape of the accident and conflicting stories, and so I don't even know at this point if I'm a criminal or a victim of the mean streets. It's all very stressful.

The point is, I don't have a car anymore. I'm now a dedicated patron of walking, biking, and bussing. Because of this, between the events of Tuesday and, uh, right now, I have become obsessed with my bicycle.

I got ol' Bikey (it doesn't have a name. I'm borrowing a naming trend from PeeWee) off Craig's List. It looks like this:My favorite thing about it is the color. Especially the seat/handlebar coordination with the frame. Also, turquoise is my favorite color. (That and red). My second favorite thing about it is that I can sit up straight while riding, which is a pet peeve of mine (that is, not sitting up straight). I'm also adding a basket as soon as I can find one that meets my oh so high standards; being that it is not wicker and has flowers/Dora the Explorer on it, which all the ones that are relatively cheap seem to.

I fancy myself, when I'm riding, to be like Frauline Maria exposing the Von Trap brats to the wonders of song, or Minnie Driver in Return to Me when she bikes everywhere grinning because she's so happy to have a working heart and be able to ride a bike at all.

It's almost too bad that I ride around alone instead of with a singing group of kids or a heart transplant scar, because I usually have a goofball look on my face like I should be doing this:Or this:But I actually just look like this:

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