Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm Really Cute, Guys

I've mentioned previously on this soapbox that I'm gross. I kind of just roll out of bed, throw on some cords and a cardigan and that's that. I also don't own a brush. Like a hair brush. That's right, I don't brush my hair. Impressive, right? Well, I'm very proud of that so whatevs.

Anyway, sometimes when I go through this process in the AM magical things happen. Like this morning. I grabbed an H&M sweater that was drying on a chair in my living room and a C&C dress that's just really fucking comfortable, and then I threw on my new(er) boots and POOF. This happened:Don't mind that spot on the picture. That's just my alien zygote saying hello. The point is: I look like some kind of fucking hipster. Wait until I go outside and add a scarf. Urban Outfitters would cream their pants if they saw me. Also, if Urban Outfitters was just one entity that was capable of sight, but today is a day for miracles, so who knows!

Before I realized that this was a pretty fucking hipster outfit (which, by the way, I think is carried solely by the boots. Puma. I wrote about them before.) I added a few accessories. I also ALWAYS wear accessories. At least one big ass ring. My favorite one at the moment looks kind of like a vagina. It's so fucking rad. ANYWAY. I threw on these earrings I got from Etsy that are also very hip/rad/better than yours:Jesus, that's close. You can almost see my blackheads, fuck. But I wanted to show off my earrings too (too as in as well as my blackheads? Gah it's early). So as mentioned I got them from Etsy, which is like my favorite store that isn't a store, and they're wooden skulls with these coppery leaves hanging down. Now that you know what they are the picture makes more sense, yes? No? Whatever who cares.

I'm wearing these earrings a lot because they finally don't reek anymore. When I first got them I couldn't even take them out of the box because they smelled so bad. I wrote the woman who sold them to me and apparently it was because the wooden skull is treated a certain way when they make it in Mongolia or wherever. Anyway, I soaked them for like, two weeks in detergent and it's MUCH better. Now I need to make up for lost time.

I'm also wearing a pinky ring that depicts the first Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday of all time. Wanna see that? Sounds intriguing right? I know it does.

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