Monday, September 17, 2007

Autumnal Anticipation

I'm so fucking amped for fall. I'm not sure if it's because my favorite holiday of all time is Thanksgiving, or because I'm not going to be in the midwest for the bitter, suicidal winter season, or because I'm sick of self-tanning my legs. Usually I enjoy fall up until T-Givs, but then it's time for winter, which is arguably the worst time to be in this part of the country; that and the sweltering summers. Why anyone lives here is beyond me.

I also really love fall because of the clothes. I'm almost always a little chilly, and I LOVE dressing like an old man, so sweaters and boots are my obsessions. Plus, I love that you can wear jeans and a sweater and still be able to wear Birkenstock sandals. My feet hate being confined - if I could I'd be barefoot all the time.

I've been spending time in which I should be getting work done shopping for fall shit on the interweb. Here are a few things I'm obsessed with from ShopBop:If I were a fancy lady, these would be an essential part of my wardrobe. How fierce are these boots?! Plus, I'd have to be fancy to afford $625 boots. Instead, I got these this weekend at NordstromThey're Puma, if you can believe it. Plus, I like that they're sporty and comfortable, but a little rock n' roll too. It'll make up for the fact that I don't wash my hair that often and wear ratty sweaters all the time. Meh.I'm going apeshit over this jacket. It's Charlote Ronson and only (hah! Only!) $495. I keep thinking it's like $295 and then planning how I'm going to move around some green so I can buy it, then realizing I actually can't afford it. It's like finding out The Babysitter's Club was ghostwritten; breaks my heart every time. Even as I'm writing this, I'm thinking, "Maybe I can afford it. I mean, it's a classic! I'll wear it forever!" Who am I kidding? Besides myself, that is.This is just another picture because I'm obsessed. Plus, I like the model's haircut. Another reason I need this jacket? You know how I feel about Ronsons. True lurve.If my fashion philosophy were to be summed up in one outfit, this would be it. Except I'd be wearing a leopard print shirt underneath. I call it Luxe Homeless Chic. With a dash of Gay Grandpa.

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