Sunday, November 25, 2007

Surprisingly Fantastic

I lurve Ikea. A store that holds every houseware imaginable AND has ridiculously low prices? Why yes, mad Swedish geniuses, I do think that's what heaven is!

I'm pretty sure half of everything in my house is from Ikea. The other half is from flea markets. There's just no point in buying a really expensive dresser when you can get a cheap dresser and fill it with expensive outfits. Think about it.

I recently (and by recently I mean a few months ago) bought these really pretty sheets at Ikea. The only reason I wanted them was because of the color, and at $7-10 a piece, that's all the reason I needed. Turns out, they're really fucking nice sheets! I washed them and they're still soft and the color is still smoking hot. It's such an anomaly for a cheap fitted sheet to remain awesome for months on end! And through multiple washings!
On the other foot, I have a duvet cover and pillow shams that have become kind of harsh and nubby, so it may be a crapshoot. Or it could have something to do with thread count - a thing I have never really taken seriously (obvs. I buy my sheets at Ikea).
But isn't the combo of deep purple sheets with yellow/white striped duvet totally kickass? I know! Anyway, if you're in the market for sheets, or ice cream scoopers, or anything home-oriented, get thee to Ikea: The store where dreams come true.

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