Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bongo Holiday Gift Guide: Media

And now it is time for the third installment of the Bongo Holiday Gift Guide. In today's journey into my gifting imagination, we will be discussing "media," or, to the base consumer, shit you buy on I, personally, but everything on Amazon and, but I understand that many believe Amazon to be solely for books, music, and DVDs.

Well, dear consumers, awaaay we go!Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham's latest tome, That Extra Half an Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything in Between, is the perfect gift for someone who doesn't realize how hilarious she is. I actually feel kind of sorry for her, as she gets grouped with people like Paris Hilton that claim they are just acting vapid, but she's really a very smart, very funny woman. You should also read her autobiography Learning to Fly, and watch her be interviewed by Ali G. You will soon think she's a comedic genius, and a pretty alright lady.

Perfect For: A Wannabe (Zig a Zig Ahhhh)
Raffi is my homeboy. I don't think there is an American child who was born between 1980 and now who didn't grow up listening to at least a few Raffi songs. This is the three disc, 20th Anniversary release, the Singable Songs Collection. The only concerns I have about this amazing gift are that Raffi is looking a little more molestey than I remember, and this was listed in the Amazon Gift Guide under gift for your wife/girlfriend. Although, I would marry someone who gifted me this is a heartbeat.

Perfect For: Your six year old wife/girlfriendWhen I was a kid, I thought this movie was so funny. I still do, actually. My mom bought a copy of Help! on DVD a few months ago, without realizing that it wasn't a region 1 DVD. Luckily for her, her TiVo DVD player can play many different types of discs (one more reason to get a TiVo). But, because this is for a demanding American audience, this Help! comes with all kinds of little extras and pictures and all that stuff that my mom would cry over. Not to mention this movie is hilarious if you're seven, or just pretend to be seven, as I often do.

Perfect For: People that always says, "Say no more," "I can say no more" (see: Mama n' Me)

This will be the final installment of the Bongo Holiday Gift Guide. I hope it was as self-indulgent for you as it was for me. Please, partake of the nine gifts listed in this series and spring forth, gifting and receiving just like Baby Jesus did when he invented the Christmas Tree. Happy Holidays!

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