Friday, December 14, 2007

Bongo Holiday Gift Guide: Gadgetry

In the teaser for this post earlier today I said that this was going to be the electronics section. I changed that to "gadgetry" because it's more fun to say and I'm not sure if these items qualify as "electronics." Plus, as I have said before, my blog my rules.

Alright! Let's get started!I say that my TiVo is my best friend/boyfriend and people laugh. I guess they assume I'm joking, which I am most certainly not. This is a dual-tuner TiVo, which just means that you can record two shows at the same time (This is also the ONLY flaw with a regular TiVo). Plus, on, after rebate, it's like $80.

Perfect For: Someone who has recently broken their legs. Or is just lazy.I assume you know about OhMiBod, the vibrator that plugs into your iPod and vibes along to the music you're playing. This is from the same crazy Brits - a vibe that connects to your cell phone (I think there's a cord, but how awesome would it be if it were Bluetooth?!) This is obviously for those people who are really into phone sex. There's also a "discreet" version for, uh, when you're in the carpool lane? I have no idea how the vibe/phone thing makes sense otherwise. Does it vibe along with the voice of the other person? Or is it for when you're stuck on hold listening to smooth jazz?

Perfect For: Someone in a long distance relationship, who also likes the color pink and Sex & The CityOkay, this is something you can get at Target for $10, but it's a freaking face vibrator. I know. I so want one. I have no idea what this is supposed to do to your face; the package says that it's a "skin vitalizer," but I doubt even the "real women" at Dove know what the fuck that means. I think it would also be really hilarious for me to use it, because I have these large Polish cheeks and lips that wobble when I do so much as walk briskly - imagine what would happen if I put this on my face! It'd be like watching the faces of people in a space shuttle launch! Comedy gold.

Perfect For: Someone who laughs when reading the words "face vibrator."

Hmm, what shall we cover next time? Everyone's fave shit: Books, Music, and DVDs

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