Monday, March 24, 2008


I grind my teeth. A lot. I have come, through internet research, to find that most people do this at night, but I actually catch myself doing it pretty much all the time. This lead me to have headaches, larger cheeks (and I'm already Polish), and overall high tension levels. I also have IBS, which basically means that when I'm stressed I stop pooping, but that's another story.

I frequently ask my dentist if something needs to be done about this grinding situation. His response? "You're in college! Of course you grind your teeth! Okay see you in six months bye!"

Turns out, though, that I don't need that easy rider to prescribe me a solution to my grinding problem. (haha, grinding problem.) You can get a night guard on my favorite internets site,!How sexy is this going to make my nighttime routine, eh? At least it will help with some of my physical symptoms of biting off more than I can chew. Ha! Dental jokes!

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