Thursday, March 20, 2008

Crocs: Cool Again?

I think I've posted before about Crocs. Mainly, my point is that yes, the traditional Croc is fucking hideous. But they so comfortable that it's completely justifiable to wear them running errands and stuff. I actually wear my Crocs Primas all the time, as they don't really look like Crocs, and they're amazingly versatile AND waterproof.

Crocs really hit a low for me when they put shearling in the classic Cayman though. God that was a whole lotta ugly. Just look! I just threw up looking at that. BUT! Crocs is redeeming itself! Just look at these new styles. I think I need the slingback version of my favorite flats:And if you're more into wearing sensible shoes while also looking like a hooker, you can get these babies, complete with four inch heels:And if you're not yet convinced, I give you these puppies. I bet you wouldn't even guess that these are Crocs, would you? Gotcha!

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