Friday, June 13, 2008

Ah, Youth

Today I cleaned and organized my house, and I'm feeling very at ease. Sometimes all I need is to dance around with the Swiffer and I feel like I've lost 50 el-bees. I also went through some stuff I had to get out of my parents' house, because I'm an "adult" and I haven't actually lived there in three years. A lot of the stuff was from when I was about nine, and it was so awesome to re-discover. The real jackpot was a box of stickers from what seems like eons ago, but was probably from about 1996. Here's the best stuff I found: ANIMORPHS! STICKERS! Animorph hologram stickers. I KNOW.
I guess Jake was supposed to be the "heartthrob" of the Animorphs books, but I totally had the hots for Tobias. I also had a cat at this time named Tobias, but I named him after the baby in Labyrinth. True story.
Also from the same box: Tamagotchi stickers! Funny how I was such a pop-culture addict even in my elementary school years? Also, I went to camp in the summer where we weren't allowed to have our Tamagotchis by the pool, so a CIT was designated "Tamagotchi babysitter" and had to sit on this grassy hill with about 25 Tamagotchis to "feed" and "play with" them. This is a postcard with all the Anthropologie stores on it. At least all the stores circa whatever time this was printed. Only eleven! How did we survive?! God bless capitalism!
This is one of my favorite pictures ever. I was obsessed with Fievel and his delightful tale (tail!) of immigration. When we met, finally, in real life, I was beside myself. You can almost tell from this picture that it was raining and I needed a nap, and then I saw my personal hero and life had meaning again.

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