Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Reappropriation Never Looked So Good.

How much do I love the latest ads for Gossip Girl? Um. Almost too much. They've taken quotes from scathing reviews of the show and used them as headlines to ads featuring the teenage characters engaging in Upper East Side Debauchery.

That's right. The above quote is from the Parent's Television Council. LOL!
In this one they actually photoshopped out the bikini top my homegirl Blair was wearing in the actual scene. The ads are racier than the show! A show that is apparently "nasty" and "inappropriate." Too bad those are my two favorite words!
I really didn't think the CW could beat the ads they ran before the show's post-strike return. But they DID. Why does no one I know watch this amazing show?! It's like the first season of The OC all over again.

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