Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Extended Version of Previous Post

Uhhhkay. Here's the whole story:

Let's start with Friday night, when Sadie and I went to the Breaking Dawn release party. It was kind of weak, but I liked looking at people's "costumes." I put costumes in quotes because basically it was a bunch of 14 year old girls with shirts that said, "Team Edward" or whatever. They were lame. Sadie and I had planned on painting red around our mouths and saying that we were going to dress up, but we didn't have time to as we rushed to the party after a hunt. We agreed that it was for the best that our plot was foiled, because that crew would not have appreciated our genius. We got our books and read into the wee hours...

Then it was Saturday. I woke up and read some more, then got ready to drive to Chicago/Skokie to visit my grandma. I had about half a tank of gas and decided to fill up on the road instead of in town. My car gets about 30 mpg, so I made it really far before I needed to fill up. I actually made it to the city before I had to even think about getting gas. I was on the highway into the city when I saw a car that I recognized. It was this douche that I see driving around my 'hood all the time! They're really inconsiderate, at least when behind the wheel of a car. Here's a picture of them, being assy:

They have pretentious non-witty liberal bumper stickers and once were in the middle of the street behind my driveway when I was trying to get out, and I had to wait while they took eons to pull out of a parallel parking spot. This is the only reason I dislike this car, but it was enough that I swore at them for following me to Chicago.

I had to take Lake Shore Drive to Skokie, because that's the only way I know how to get there, and I like it better anyway. I like seeing the city and the lake and later on, the estates of Evanston. I was almost out of gas at this point, but I had enough to make it to Sheridan at least. But I was forgetting something. That something was Lollapalooza, which was going full-force. I ended up getting stuck in a virtual parking garage that stretched from the Field Museum to Navy Pier. My gas light started flashing at Soldier Field. I was stuck! I called my mom to ask her what to do, and then my grandma called to ask where I was. These calls kept coming, one after the other, for about a half an hour. It was kind of like this:

ring ring!

Sarah: Hey Mom, how long do you think I can go without gas, but idling in traffic in Grant Park?

Mom: Oh, you'll be fine! Just get gas as soon as you can, but don't worry about it!

Sarah: Okay, thanks. Talk to you later!

ring ring!

Sarah: Hi Grandma!

Grandma: Where are you??!!

Sarah: I'm stuck in traffic. There's this big concert in the park, and I'm kind of running on vapors.


Sarah: I think I can make it to Sheridan, where I know there are gas stations.

Grandma: You will NOT MAKE IT! You need to GET OFF THE DRIVE!! GET OFF NOW!

Sarah: Okay I'll try. I'll call you later.

ring ring!

Sarah: Hi Mom, I'm still in traffic.

Mom: Okay. Hey lemme tell you about what I just found at Forever 21...

ring ring!

Sarah: Hi Grandma.

Grandma: DO YOU HAVE GAS YET??!!

Sarah: No I'm still here, but the traffic is moving a bit


This happened some more, but I will spare you. I finally made it to a gas station in Lincoln Park and then was able to make it to Skokie stress-free. I did some shopping, went to dinner with The Nana, and finished Breaking Dawn.

Then it was Sunday. The grandma and I went to the riverboat in Indiana, where I won $70, which was pretty alright. I started feeling really ill though, and I decided to head home at about three. When I was driving home (on LSD naturally) there was like a half-mile of boats in the lake, right next to the drive and the beach. It was so eerie. Why don't they just go out in the lake? You have a freaking boat and plenty of room! Why are you five feet from the land?! Anyway, I took a picture of the insanity:

You can't even really tell how idiotic it was. Just believe me. I finally made it home and collapsed into a heap, which I didn't come out of until I went to convenient care yesterday, which is a whole 'nother story that I will tell another time. I've had enough madness for now, so I think I'm gonna get off the drive.

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