Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pancakes with Wallace Gordon-Levitt

Wassup rockers?! It's another day in my life, and of course I'm spending it reading blogs and listening to the Backstreet Boys. It was whilst reading Dooce that I came across this genius pancake vid:

My favorite part was at 1:58, when this came on the screen
I can only assume that this is Wallace Fennel from my beloved Veronica Mars. It looks just like him, no?
The funny thing about Percy Daggs, player of Wallace Fennel, is that he looks remarkably like another young actor, albeit with slightly more melanin in his mocha epidermis. That actor? This guy!
It's Joseph Gordon-Levitt! I promise you, these two are TWINS. Sadie and I discovered this a few summers ago when we got really into V. Mars. I even came up with the theory that when Joseph Gordon-Levitt is sad, Wallace cries. I love the similarities between these two so much that after my beloved fish Sexy died tragically, his replacement was named Wallace Gordon-Levitt.
And it all comes full circle. I do realize that this is not full circle at all, considering Wallace the Fish does not eat pancakes, but whatever. At least now you know Sarah's Theory of Ebony and Ivory Identical Twins.

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