Saturday, August 9, 2008

Paper Planes, Womyn, and My Mom

My mom has been excited about seeing Pineapple Express since forevs. She's so funny. She also called me today and said, "USA Today had a quiz of lines from stoner movies and I didn't know some of them!" I never even knew my mom was into stoner movies. Anyway, M.I.A's song "Paper Planes" is getting a lot of attention for being the song used in the Pineapple Expres's trailer. This is kind of upsetting to longtime M.I.A. fans such as yours truly, because that album came out A YEAR AGO. 

M.I.A. is like a feminist hero. She's like the hip hop queen of women's studies. I'm really happy that she's getting attention, but I also feel bitter because she didn't get this attention so long ago (besides from me, lesbian gangsters, and like, Bust magazine).

I was thinking about the Pineapple Express/M.I.A. fiasco yesterday and I realized that there are a lot of other weed songs (see post below) besides "Paper Planes" that could have been used in the trailer instead, and I realized that it's actually really great that they chose a song by a woman, and a kickass feminist woman at that. So I'm over the backlash and I can't wait to see PE with my moms. This video is dedicated to Mama T:

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