Thursday, September 4, 2008

Techno-Savvy Badass

Guys, I'm so up on technology. I have an iPhone. I just updated Firefox (after ignoring the pop-up reminder to update for weeks). I even update my software now when my computer tells me to!

Okay, so I'm no Lex from Jurassic Park ("I prefer to be called a hacker!"), but I did get Twitter, and now there is officially an email attached to this blog! It's over there to the right in my completely impersonal "bio," and it's exactly what you'd think my blog-email would be.

I added this because I wanted people who I don't personally know to be able to comment on how much I have inspired them to stop shooting up heroin or whatever, and I don't want comments enabled because it makes me sad when, at the bottom of every post, it says, "0 comments."

Just an FYI to all you cyber-stalkers. Now stop looking at so much porn. You'll get carpal tunnel.

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