Saturday, November 1, 2008


It's not Halloween anymore, but this is still a bit creepy.

I love lists, as you all know, and there's a great blog called Lists Galore! that scours the internet and puts together lists OF LISTS for you to peruse at your leisure. I know. It is genius. So I'm cruising the lists and I click on a list of "50 Best Pun Establishments" and am taken to the Best Week Ever blog site. This is strange not only because I didn't know Best Week Ever still existed, but I would have never thought they'd have a whole Internet component going on.  Who is their audience, really?

Anyhoo! Number 38 is a photo FROM MY HOMETOWN.
This left me gobsmacked for many reasons.

1. These things are usually fake. Remember that sign that said "Childs Exchange" that was made to look like it said "Child Sex Change?" Yeah.

2. There used to be a lot of Lox Stock & Bagels in central Illinois (well, three that I know of), and they all went out of business. This space has been empty for at least 12 years. So how did this get to BWE? It's not like Anderson Cooper recently covered their amazing bagel chips on 360.

3. Uh, it's freaking strange to be looking at stupid stuff on the internet and then see something that you see all the time, that you immediately recognize like it's a picture of your couch. And then to find out that it's featured on a moderately well-known sister site of a media conglomerate? Whoa. 

Then I Googled Lox Stock & Bagel and found out there are a bunch of establishments with this name all over the country! From California to New Jersey!

Now I'm tweaking, you guys.

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