Friday, December 19, 2008

Bongo Holiday Gift Guide 2008: Hearth and Home

One of my favorite things to do is walk/drive through neighborhoods at night and look in people's windows. Yeah, creepy. But also informative! It's so interesting to see how other people live and decorate and what stuff they keep around. In fact, I even stage my medicine cabinet because I expect guests to open it up and peek inside. It's also why I don't keep the good meds in the bathroom.

Which brings us to the next installment of the Gift Guide... Hearth and Home!
If there's one thing I love more than adorable things, it's cake. These Cupcake Canisters are a perfect combo of my two passions, and although I can't imagine what I'd keep in them, I'm sure they're necessary for my survival. The smaller one is only about 3" square, so I guess you could use it for... paperclips? Whatever, dude. These are kickass.

Available at: Moma Store
Perfect for: A cutie-pie who grew up to have storage needs.
I almost got Mama T this mug for Christmas. Because she's a librarian. GET IT??! HA!  Anyway, this is pretty much the catchphrase of the century, and by catchphrase I mean a thing people actually say. It's also a great bit of meta-irony - Get it quick before it stops being funny! Note: Although cafepress allows designs to be printed on just about anything, this is only funny at as a mug. Wear it on a shirt and you're just another nerdy douche with a binary code joke across your concave chest.

Available at: Cafepress
Perfect for: A slick, witty friend who happens to work at Initech.

Handsoaps, you guys. Hand. Soaps. I would totally buy a set of these but they creep me out too much. If you're into that kind of thing though, you should order one (or three) of these handmade (ha!) soap sets immediately. I think the effect would be especially effective in a guest bathroom. Just look at how they're reaching out to you, asking to clean up your dirty mitts! It's even more ookie that they ONLY come in flesh tones. Eeeeek!

Available at: Foliage (and Etsy)
Perfect for: The Addams Family, duh

Well there you have it, the three top gifts for the homebody in your life. I'll be back later with some wearble options, should the holiday spirit possess you to buy apparel for your loved ones. Later, dudes.

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