Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bongo Holiday Gift Guide 2008ish: The Ultimate Present

Yeah. I know. I dropped the ball gift-guide wise. The thing was, I was under-webbed for TEN days over the holiday, and it turns out iPhones can't update on Blogger. If you follow me on Twitter, there were some musings posted thoughout my vacay, but I think we all know it's a little late for the Holiday Gift Guide.

BUT! There's something muuuch better that I welcomed into my awesome life upon my return:
His name is Hero and he's a purebred Boston Terrier. So far (the past 6 hours) his favorite hobbies are trying to be the meat in a Sarah's feet sandwich, farting, and making me fall in love with him. He has also been so excited to explore the house that he hasn't so much as laid down, and just fell asleep during the act of chewing a toy to furry, cuddly death.

More photos and adorable anecdotes to come.


This is Jackie signing off... said...

Sooo cute.

heartpinksky said...

Please start a daily Hero segment. I miss his cuteness so much.