Sunday, May 31, 2009

Too Many Forget Me Nows

Do you have an inside joke or a phrase that you refer to all the time, but by now you've forgotten what it means or where it comes from?

I was just thinking about this because I'm the quoted person on the masthead of my sista-from-anotha-mista Sadie's blog. I have no clue what the context was or why I said, "I'd rather hang out on the Internet than watch AI: Artificial Intelligence," but I know that it's hilarious and that I still stand by what I said all these years later. Yep, still haven't seen it... but I've hung out on the Internet a TON.
This revelation got me thinking about other hilarious sound-bites that have lost all meaning besides being, well, hilarious. Here's another one, from when I was in high school:

Me: How will I decide between my two boyfriends?
Lorne: You should have them wrestle in pudding.
Me: Yeah, but then afterwards I’d want to eat the pudding and I’d have to restrain myself because that’s gross.
Lorne: Well, eat what you want first and then say, “Wrestle in my leftovers, bitches.”

Who were these two boyfriends? I have no recollection. I only remember that we thought this was high-larious. And in a way, it still is. Just like "hanging out on the Internet" will forever mean something to me and Sadie-Poo.

But it still kind of irks me that I can't remember why I/The Posse are so hilarious/awesome.

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