Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wedding Presents!

I love, love, love picking out gifts. I like to find the perfect thing for someone that is special, yet also something awesome that they would never think to get for themselves. One of my favorite things to do is pick out a theme and then devise a present around that theme. (You've never seen a present like my 10 Things I Hate About You gift for my friend Leilah's birfday.)

My friend Justin, who I've known since at least second grade, is getting married this 4th of July, and I need a present. The issue with weddings is that you're kind of limited to the registry. I thought of going off-reg for my gift, but I think that it's pretentious and asshole-y to assume that I know better than these people, who specifically asked for two different types of fryers (true story). The thing is, all the stuff they asked for is bo-ring. I like to give exciting, unusual presents, not some kitchen appliance that the receiver specifically asked for and then posted on a webpage. Here are some of my awesome wedding ideas, as well as what I'll probably end up getting them:

Cool Jazz Ice Stirrers, $16.00 from Uncommon Goods
Most of my gift ideas are Justin-centric, since he is my friend and I have met his bride-to-be all of once. They also registered for a lot of barware, which makes me think they plan on doing a lot of entertaining, which means they need kitchy bar stuff. Justin is really into music, particularly jazz. I mean, he wears a fedora for heaven's sake - he'd go Lady GaGa over these.

Black Hobnail Pitcher, $25.00 from Necromance
God, I love everything they sell at Necromance. So much of the store's wares I want for myself, but this is something that I think is so perfect to get for another person. It's edgy and elegant (and plastic!), and also fits in the housewares theme - all three things that are represented in the actual wedding registry. Plus, I totally refrained from buying them a seahorse skeleton or a palmistry chart (both things I want from this shop).
La Crosse Weather Clock, $26.00 from
This is pretty sensible considering my personality and penchant for weirdness, but I have one of these weather clocks by my bed and I freaking love it. This one is better than mine, though, because the clothes on the little man change depending on the weather.
Anchor Hocking Flair 16-Piece Drinkware Set, $25.00 from Bed, Bath and Beyond
This is something that is on the actual registry; a nice drinkware set that I may end up getting for the happy couple. It's a good price, since I'm in no economic state to buy a bread maker or whatever, and it's cool to look at. I'm still leaning pretty hard toward the pitcher from Necromance, but this is something they actually asked for, and that logic will most likely conquer over the coolness of getting them a present from a taxidermy shop.

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