Friday, June 19, 2009

Uh... Can I Get a Side by Side?

This is totally stealing Sadie's post topic, but I feel an urge to write an addendum to her post. Consider this one to be co-authored by Mah Boo Sayday, mmmk? As Sadie mentioned, side by sides great for comparing two or more persons, and can also be used to prove that Wallace Fennel really does look like Joseph Gordon-Levitt. As the originator of the now beloved side by side and its accompanying catchphrase, I shall now give you a glimpse of what it's like to be me (at least when it comes to identifying celebs and their lookalikes), and see what my friends like poor Sadie have to endure when they hang out with me.

The One That Started It All:
(From left, allegedly: Cameron Richardson, January Jones, Meredith Monroe)
No matter how many times I have been told otherwise, I'm still pretty convinced that Andie from Dawson's Creek plays Betty on Mad Men, who currently plays Chloe on Harper's Island. Occasionally I believe this fictional woman to also have appeared in an odd Lifetime Movie or Triscuits commercial. She really does get a lot of work.

The Personal SBS:
Another variety of side by side is the personal SBS, also known as "who would play them in a movie?" Above we have a photo of me on the left, and another Creek alum, Michelle Williams, on the right. Fun fact: For awhile my Facebook photo was actually of Michelle Williams, and no one knew. The personal SBS can also have restrictions, like how my mom looks like Laura Dern, but only as Dr. Ellie Sattler in Jurassic Park. In other strange but true familial stories, my dad looks so much like John Denver that he used to get stopped for autographs. As we all know, Sadie looks like cats.

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