Monday, June 29, 2009


I have started writing a few posts recently, but sort of abandoned each of them. I've decided to just to a little Monday house cleaning and post some blurbs 'bout what's on my mind grapes. Be back with more lengthy musings soon.

1. I'm not going to write anything more than this paragraph about Michael Jackson. His death was really, really upsetting to me. I've been a huge MJ fan since I was about two years old (I still have my Thriller tape, although I don't have a tape deck.) Maybe I'll feel like writing something eventually, but for now I'm choosing to skip over news stories, fast forward through my iTunes, and quietly wear my "I Love Michael Jackson" necklace. I don't want to hear rumors, jokes, or speculations regarding his life or death.

2. My pseudo-neighbor, Mr. Gogan, is taking his creepo status to the next level. This pisses me off greatly, but since this whole debacle is happining literally outside my front door, I'm too afraid to do anything about it, for fear of being murdered in my bed. Today he yelled at me all the way down the block. I pretended my headphones were turned on really loud. Ungh.

3. Otherwise, my neighborhood is a delight. Have I mentioned that there is a neighborhood listserv that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read? I tell everyone I know to join, because it's like a joke a day in your inbox, except it's all real. Here's my new favorite:

Subject: Ketchup on my car
I had a substantial amout of ketchup on my car this morning. Did anyone else have any problems over night.

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