Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Best Convo Ever

I don't know if you all read Elle magazine on a regular basis, but the Mily Cyrus issue has one of the greatest "interviews" I have ever read in my life. I discovered it while waiting at the airport with Sadie. There I was, just casually leafing through the mag from back cover to front (the only way to read a magazine) and I saw a pictorial with a completely unrecognizable person. "Who is that?" I thought to myself.

I should have known.
It was the Busiest Actress of All Time!!

I immediately handed the mag over to Sadie and said, "Who do you think that is?' When she couldn't guess (obviously) I turned to the front of the article and we both lost our shit. THEN I read the dialogue January Jones has with Donatella Versace and, to put it plainly, my eyes turned to X's and a flew backward in the air.

I swear on Hero's favorite chew toy that it is worth the cover price of Elle just to read this interview. It's not even an interview so much as the most hilarious exchange of words that has ever seen print. As of today I have read it four times and each time I find new material to guffaw at. Some of my favorite gems:

DV: You can see when a woman walks if she feels sexy. Before my fashion shows, when we're trying out the hair, I ask the models, "Do you feel it?" I always want to pull their hair back, but girls want to wear it down because it makes them feel more feminine. So I let them wear it down.
JJ: I feel sexier when I wear my hair down.
DV: With your face, you can do anything.

DV: I do lots of charities... I'm trying to help construct a school for 600 children... I visited last year, and these children have nothing, but they organized a little fashion show for me, with just pieces of fabric. I still cry when I think about it.

JJ: I’ve seen so many people lose themselves. And I don’t want to become that person. When someone comes all of a sudden to a certain sort of fame, it’s not so much that that person changes, but the people around them change. (Emphasis my own)

And this quote, that's on the Elle website but not in the article, which is shitty, because READ IT:
JJ: I was like, I’m good, I’m fine. Because seven is my favorite number, it’s God’s complete number.

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