Sunday, May 17, 2009

WTF Mindy Kaling??!!

I wrote a long time ago about how I have a huge crush on Mindy Kaling and her blog "Things I've Bought That I Love." Soon after my posting it was announced that her blog was the subject of a book deal, and then the postings dried up. I figured she got her six figures or whatever out of it and moved on. WRONG.

That conniving little minx moved her website, and mildly adjusted the title to "Things I Bought That I Love," and she's been posting there EVER SINCE. This makes sense when you note that the old blog was through Blogger and this new one seems to be more book deal/copyright/Bob Loblaw friendly. BUT STILL.
Uh. Dude. You can't send me a little heads up? Not even a post explaining the switcheroo??!! I've been checking the old site about once a month for OVER A YEAR.

I only found out about this betrayal when I read on The Twitter that she had updated the site (to which I said, "About fucking time, Kaling,") and when I followed the link I was like "WHAT."

I guess I have a lot of catching up to do, and you do too if you were left in the dark like I was. I thought Mindy and I shared something special, but I guess those were just my Blank Check meets Clueless daydreams.

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heartpinksky said...

Man. Fuck that. At least you found it because I too have been missing it.