Monday, August 24, 2009

Baby's First Fellating


Hero has this friend Jack, who is a mixed breed but has some shepherd in him, so I call him Jack Shepherd. And Jack lives on our walking route, so when we walk by Hero is always really excited to see if Jack is there so they can play and do some open mouth kissing or whatever.
Today Hero and I are on a nice morning stroll, and Jack and his owner are out on their porch, so we settle in and have a nice sit and the dogs run around playing like dogs are want to do. Hero is really big on tummy rubs, and he even lets Jack rub his tummy. It's so cute: Hero will flop down on his back and Jack will come up and rub his nose on Hero's tum and Hero will get that totally blissed out look in his eyes and you just know those two are BFFs.

Today was a bit different.

They were playing just the same as they always do, but then Hero goes to lay on his back for a tummy rub, but this time he whips out his peen. Then, while he's laying there spread eagle with his business airing out, Jack goes up to him and proceeds to LICK HIS PUPPY PENIS. This went on for about 30 seconds, but it was enough to scar both myself and Jack's owner. Then she turns to me and says, "Well, it doesn't get more intimate than that, eh?"

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