Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Project Runway: Chino Edition

I only just now watched last week's Project Runway. I know, but it's not to the point yet where I'm salivating at the thought of next week's episode. Maybe when they get rid of some dead weight like Nicholas and annoyances like Theresa I'll be more excited to watch. You're probably thinking, "There's no one on PR this season named Theresa!" You're right. I just call "Irina" Theresa because she looks just like Ryan Atwood's baby mama from The OC. This time I know what you're thinking, and yes, you can get a side by side.

That's Irina on the left. She even has Theresa's tough girl Chino 'tude. She was just Theresa's doppelganger until this week, when she started snarking on everyone, including Althea, who has actually been in the top three AND won (unlike Theresa). And then when Irina/Theresa won the challenge this week she was all, "It's about time."

The only way Irina/Theresa can redeem herself in my eyes is for her to design a Ryan Atwood inspired evening gown made entirely out of wife beaters and accessorized with a leather choker. Actually, that's a great idea. Season 7, perhaps?

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heartpinksky said...

Oh my god. So many things. ONE! I haven't been to your main site forevs so I didn't notice the new header/prof picture. TWO! I realized when I made Twitter that I looked at yours to get people to follow but then FORGOT TO FOLLOW YOU! I knew it wasn't as awesome as I had thought it would be. THREE! I literally just watched the first episode with Theresa and Kelly was freaking out about where she knew her from but we couldnt place it. Hilarious. FOUR! Skype tomorrow?