Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Perv Linens

I'm completely smitten with American Apparel. Yeah, Dov Charney is a creepy douche and the store employees are pretentious coke fiends, but try on a tri-blend shirt and tell me you don't want to live every day in it. I wear American Apparel cardigans like none other. Seriously, I have so many colors and I wear one almost every day.
So when I recently found out American Apparel was making SHEETS? It was like my two favorite things combined: Cozy cardigans and lying in bed! I know the fact that American Apparel is making sheets just adds to the perv factor, especially when they sell them like this:
...But if they ever come out in more exciting colors than white and grey, you know I'm snatching up a set.

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