Tuesday, August 3, 2010

MythBusters: Fashion and Finesse

Usually before I go to sleep I need to do something to calm my brain down. I regularly get worked up about the tiniest things, and when you add my flair for the dramatic and the fact that I have an anxiety disorder, it's amazing I can even lay still for longer than ten minutes. I can be completely exhausted, but so rattled by anxiety that I stay up all night with my eyelids snapped open like an owl on crack.
Typically I read or do a crossword, but lately I've found a new way to decompress before I go bobees: MythBusters.

I had never watched MythBusters until a few weeks ago. I knew nothing about it, actually. I thought it was a show where two nerds took some law of physics and tried to disprove it or something. I never thought that maybe the myths they'd be busting would be that, say, breast implants make for great built-in flotation devices or if playing a certain note loudly can force a person to poop themselves. Those are definitely things that I would be interested in! Why did no one tell me?! It's just like the time I thought Borders was a Christian bookstore, and when my friends would say they got an Elliott Smith CD at Borders I'd be all, "Really? That seems out of place." And they'd be like, "What? Whatever." And since no one corrected me I didn't go to a Borders for four years.

Basically, now I'm totally addicted to MythBusters. Not only is their workshop in my old stomping grounds of Potrero Hill, but they have another thing that gets me all atwitter: My new favorite lifestyle guru Jamie Hyneman.
Jamie is the straight man in the MythBusters duo, and he pulls it off beautifully, with the flair you'd expect from a sardonic walrus. Where do I even start? The style! He looks like the doctor from Deadwood who just discovered the Beat movement.
I love when people have a self-assigned uniform. (Mine is a tank top and a cardigan.) Jamie's uniform is not limited to his outward appearance, but also includes an attitude of "I am unimpressed with you" mixed with "When will you realize I'm the most awesome?" It's too bad he clearly doesn't give a shit about what anyone else thinks, because he'd make a fantastic mean girl.

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