Saturday, August 20, 2011

Eventually, There Will Be A Pinterest Rehab Program

Have you read The Tipping Point? When I read it, I realized I'm a Maven. And, according to Malcolm Gladwell, as a Maven it is my job (or more like something I force on people) to share with the world all the great things I discover. I love doing this, as you can probably tell from my annual gift guides and, if you know me personally, my habit of telling you about the latest, greatest thing I've found out about. 

One of my obsessions from the past six months or so is Pinterest. If you're not familiar with Pinterest, it's a site where you can "pin" things you like all over the internet, and then post them to your Pinterest account, which is then shared with the Pinterest community. Other users can then see what's being posted and, if they like it too, "repin" it to their own boards. Pinterest is great for Mavens because they can show off all their latest discoveries, and it's great for everyone else because IT'S SO GOSHDARNED ADDICTIVE.

Seriously. I pin shit all over the internets.

When you're all up on Pinterest as much as I am, you start to see the patterns that develop among pinners. There are a few main themes that show up again and again...

Those who pin future wedding plans, but are not engaged, and sometimes don't seem to have a significant other in the first place. (I fantasy-decorate my future house, so maybe I shouldn't judge, but to me this not-real-wedding stuff seems straight up weird.)

Homemade versions of foods you could easily buy at the fucking grocery store. Sometimes they're trying to use less sugar, or make it vegan, but most of the time they are just masochists with a whole lot of time on their hands. Who is this person, making homemade Snickers bars? WHO?!

Outfit mood boards. I actually really like this idea, and was always like, "Where do they find these?!" Then after months of seeing them, I got some smarts and actually clicked on one, and found out they make them on Polyvore. Now I'm addicted to that, too. 

There are many other subjects heavily represented (like, say, pictures of your boyfriends), but the ones that actually drives me absolutely batshit crazy are the pro-ana, obsessive workout, body slamming "motivational" pins. 

That last one really gets me, and it's a common trend: Using pictures of celebrities and then smacking some self-hating message on it. As though Emily from Pretty Little Liars is like, "Hey, Cupcake Breath! Don't be a Hefty Hanna!" 

Listen, I'm all for being healthy and taking care of your body, but I'm wholly against belittling yourself into becoming motivated to do so. I have yet to see an inspirational message like, "You're so happy after a run!" or, "It's a gorgeous day! Go for a walk!" 

So, I highly recommend you start using Pinterest. But remember: When a pin encourages you to throw up your homemade Nutella, just say NO FUCKING WAY. 

And don't forget to send me a save the date for your fake wedding. 

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Rod said...

You are a comic genius! I must cyberstalk you - or follow you, or whatever the appropriate lingua franca is here.