Friday, August 24, 2007

Brad: Too Good for Ange

True Confession #234: I'm obsessed with children. (That sounds pervy. I'll elaborate.) More specifically, I love celebrity children. I love that they will never have a care in the world (although that may lead them to grow into - ugh - privileged drug dealers), and I love that they make celebrities (sometimes) seem more like actual human beings. Something that creeps me out? Paparazzi photos. Mainly ones where the subject either clearly has no idea they are being photographed or when it's obvious the lens was thisclose to their face while they tried to get takeout from California Pizza Kitchen. Here's a little quote from uber-dad Brad P. that encompasses both of these things:

While out yesterday in NYC, Brad approached the paparazzi and made a request:

Man, you guys work hard. You know, man, we're going to have the kids out -- we're going to be here awhile. We're going to have all the kids out so if you can get the word out -- anything you guys can do long-lens would be much appreciated. You're workin' hard, you guys

He did need to ask them to back up once, but remarked as they were getting in the car,

Much better with the kids, you guys are better.

Aw! He's too good for Angie, who referred to her own child as an uninteresting "blob," a slip that I cannot forgive. My heart melts when I see a smelly baby crying, so you don't even want to cross me when it comes to a beauty like Shiloh.

My favorite of the J-Ps (and all around favorite celebrity baby), though, is this vision:
If I were a paparazzo, I'd steal Zahara. Why take a picture when you're close enough to take the whole kid? Whoa, pervy times two. I'm never writing about children again.

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